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The cost to spend a year in Italy is very expensive and I am working and coming up with different ideas to get the amount everyday. I have completed sponsorship proposals which are being sent to corporate businesses to get sponsorship for my travels.

My name is Michaiah Fields and this time next year I will be leaving Memphis, Tennessee to study abroad with AFS Intercultural Programs for one year in Italy. I am delighted that I have been given this opportunity to explore the world in a new way. Just thinking about learning Italian, experiencing their culture, and living with a different family has me looking forward to my year in Italy.

I have been in love with traveling since I was little. I have always planned to grow up and travel the world , but AFS has given me the opportunity to do it earlier than I projected. When I graduate high school I intend on attending Bryant University in Rhode Island to get my bachelor’s degree in International Business followed by attending Harvard Business School in Cambridge, Massachusetts to receive my MBA in business. My dream career is to be an International Marketing Manager which is an experienced professional who is responsible for a company’s marketing functions outside the United States.

Studying abroad is a great way to show younger generations that there is more to the world than just where you are from. I hope my year in Italy inspires them to broaden their horizons and explore outside of their comfort zone. I believe I will gain a once in a lifetime experience by going to Italy. I also hope that Italy will inspire me to further explore the world and see what it has in store for me.

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